Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cover Art for Mia Castile's Anatomy of My Heart

Check out the cover design I did for Mia Castile's book of poetry...Anatomy of My Heart Volume 1

Sheryl Clark Productions LOVES working with authors...

I very much enjoy working with authors bringing their books to life with trailers or mini-movies as well as cover art design. One of the things that helps me the most is reading the entire book. I know some trailer makers just read the synopsis, but for me reading the entire book gives me the best sense of the mood and characters of the book.
I like to have personal connection with the author and have them be part of my creative process. Everyone interprets books differently, so I feel best when I get to work closely with the author to make sure that I have understood what they intended the book to be. We also talk in detail about what the author wants to portray in the trailer...what elements the author doesn't want revealed...which elements or characters the author wants to highlight.
This is just a taste of the experience I provide with working with authors whether it be the cover art design or their trailer.